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Eurostar Belgium invites 350 London Virgins to celebrate 15th anniversary

Felt much honored to be part of the London Virgins Eurostar train yesterday and had to admit one more time working feels like playing :-).

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, the Belgium team come up with -once more- a very good , and quite participative in the traditional way, idea: they invited 350 London Virgins + their partners to come along to be guided all day long through the City.

Since its launch 15 years ago, Eurostar has created a “Eurostar Generation” of people whose lives have been completely transformed because of our services. These people have travelled with Eurostar on many occasions to visit their friends and family, to do business, or just to visit London because they adore the city.
More than 100 million travellers have already travelled with Eurostar over the last 15 years. Isn’t that just Incredible?! It’s almost ten times the entire Belgian population! And yet, you really do wonder why it is that there are still people in Belgium who have never been to London and have never traveled with Eurostar! Who are they and where are they hiding?

Eurostar was really eager to find out who these London Virgins (people who have never traveled to London) are and cannot wait to let them discover the incredible charm of London and offer them the virgins unforgettable experiences throughout the day.

Anne-Françoise Piette, Eurostar Belgium manager, explained me the whole concept (in French):

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As for me I’m definitely a London Virgin (because every visit is always as good as the first one), a London Lover (except for my adopted hometown, it’s my most visited city ever) and as of yesterday a London Virgin Lover :-) If you love London my best advice is to join the Cream Of London fan page and follow the Belgium team on Twitter. There you’ll be the first to know about when to go/what to see/when to win a free ticket ;-) See you darlings!

European Social Media Trends- latest numbers

Don't look -yet- for Belgium though..  Via Websocial

Also worth checking: Social Media stats round up by econsultancy 

Côte D’Or Chocolate diner and the Brussels Girls Geeks

“On Wednesday 21 October, Belgian chocolate brand Côte D’Or invited 30 Brussels Girl Geeks to its boutique on Square Petit Sablon nr. 1 in Brussels for an exclusive chocolate soirée.”
Objective: having fun while discovering the brand new Speculoos Chocolate and the gorgeous Carré frais . Objective – yummmmy -outreached.
A picture contest now offers an other delicious chocolate workshop. Check out The Côte D’Or shop to publish your fan picture. Good luck!

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Nivea Men Challenge : registration opened

Quick update before flying to Beijing and Sichuan where I'll enjoy a full break with the Chinese part of the family for a couple of weeks (should I mention no connection/no work scheduled?) :) 

Picture 42
Last Friday was kick off day for the Nivea Men Challenge. I had a really nice time with RobinBaudouinWim and Iya , testing the incredible Ultraballs that wil be used for the Challenge Day on September 21 and of course learning how to become a freestyle soccer champion ! 
Nivea Men Challenge registration is now opened. You'll find all the information on how to participate (create a team of 3 or 4 and register to the site) and the 3 pre-challenges details here in French,
Check out the Ultraballs and amazing Iya before you decide to participate. I bet you will. 

Girl Geeks are shopping in London thanks to Eurostar

"When the pound is low its hard to say no"… to shopping in London! That's basically how this great Shopping and Networking day on that Saturday, March 14th came to life 2 months ago when Fabienne – Eurostar Online Marketing Manager for Belgium- and I discussed a possible interesting event to relay some of Eurostar key messages within Social Media platforms (Pound is low, it's time to go/ London is just around the corner (only 1h51 from brussels) and very affordable/ Eurostar always being ahead of the game in respect to successfully communicating using online platforms' opportunities ) 

So looking at all those possibilities, it did not take me very long- genetically no stretch for any normal girl, or is it?-  to spot an obvious match between low pound, shopping and other girls –  and there was definitely an other strong match between girls spending a whole afternoon together, socializing in London and.. the Girl Geeks groups, founded in London a couple of years ago by Sarah Blow .
That's when we pushed the concept a bit further and decided to offer those geeky girls a brand new social mobile application just for that day so they could add to the fun of shopping together the excitement of testing a new techie development. In the early days of the project I labeled it as "a kind of mash up between Google maps and Twitter feeds", enabling us to see each other during the day, shared tips (written via Tweets and with pictures) on what we bought and localised the partner shops. And I guess it still summed up pretty well what's all about.

Picture 13
It turned out to be one of the greatest actions I've been working on so far (and Im not even included the day D itself in that early judgment). The mobile application we've developped will be accessible in view-only mode on www.eurostar.com/girlsgeeks during the all day of March 14th (but there's already some exciting chats between the girls who've received their mobile log in). Anyone who wants to follow 80 French and Belgium Girls shop till they drop or meet the 40 London Girls for tea time refreshment is most welcome to virtually join. 

Eurostar has dealt many gifts with partner shops during the day, a special workshop at the Apple Store with Molly Flat from the Guardian and Jess Greenwood from Contagious. For tea time we'll be meeting the London group at the gorgeous  5* Berkeley hotel to share a couple of common passions: shopping tips, girlie chats, new tech stuff, and who know what else..
Picture 15
Girls are getting really excited about that day – I'm not going to blame them and expecting to join the party as soon as I'm done with the prepping.

Just an other very important note before I leave for the funniest part : I'm cheerfully thanking all partners involved in that great piece of work: Cleverwood guys, without whom the application development would have been a nightmare for me – thanks to Olivier, Christophe and .. Fabian ;-) for great advices, great development (Remember: "First time we (the client) test an application thats working perfectly " ;)-  and great support during the project, Clo from Girls geeks Brussels who was really enthousiastic on the project since Day 1 and helped us a lot getting in touch with London team, organising all communications with the Belgium girls,etc, etc. BuzzParadise who's been a great and most generous French partner, and last but not least Mobile Vikings for providing the data cards which will give us free internet access during the all day.

When working includes so much fun, its just very hard to say no" ;-)

Some of my couples…

It’s been 2 of those crazy weeks..Full mailbox and couple of excited phone calls related to ….tada! couple more days of suspens on that GREAT SHOPPING DAY we’ll be enjoying next Saturday (what? not registered? too late baby/ladies ;), couple of great exotic virtual meetings and coming deals for Attentio, couple of great presentations I really enjoyed prepping with my favorite Cakes or listening to at SMI 09, and couple of more unusual stuff.. no way I’m going to share them here! Anyway, talking quickly about presentations, first one below is the Nivea one we enjoyed on the BGGD 10 couple of weeks ago (and dropped in my mailbox couple of days ago) – fun and besides the great make up party we – 40 excited girls- shared, along with a HUGE goodies/creams bag, one of my favorite time was definitely when Anna from Nivea cheerfully explained to the bemused Nivea team what Poken was all about :-) (more photos from the event on FlickR).

Second presentation below was spectacularly delivered by SweetCake n°2 aka Alain Caviggia on Friday during a most enjoyable lunch with the guys from the MCEI business community.

Couple here, couple there, more couple to come…not sure what’s all behind but still deep into it! If you feel like you’ve been neglected a little, time to catch up life will be tomorrow night at the 11th edition of the BGGD – there’s a Hoet flavour in it :-)

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